Approaching Women With Social Proof

Ever been in the situation where you see some super-hot hotties and you’re just not sure how to approach them? Well, the best approach isn’t always a direct approach.

This weekend I hit a bar at the beach with a two of my buddies next to a trendy club where my friend works. Both of them sat and talked guy talk while gawking at every girl that passed by. As I scoped out the place, I noticed three attractive women in mini-skirts and high-heels standing in a group nearby. They looked standoffish but one of them caught my eye.

She was the shortest of the group, but seemed to command the attention of the other two. Her medium length chestnut hair fell over her boobs and her mocha-tan skin graced a toned body.

I didn’t want to approach the three hotties directly so began talking to a group of two semi-unattractive girls sitting at the table next to us… so that I could look like Mr. popular. I simply asked them about the trendy club next door.

They were friendly and but then one of the girl’s cell phones happened to ring. It was the theme song from the movie “Halloween”.

“Eww,” I teased her. “That’s so… creepy!”

They busted out laughing while I played my ringer, which is the Pink Panther theme song. This got another laugh from them. Then I told them that I thought my ringer was a lot cooler. The girl was like, “No way! Mine is!”

So I grabbed the two of them and said, “No way, let’s ask these girls.”

I led them to the three-set of hotties with the chestnut hair brunette – the girls I really wanted to talk to all along.

“Hey guys,” I said to the trio of three. “What do you think? Which ringer is cooler, this…”

I played the Halloween ringer on the girl’s phone.

“O my god! That’s so weird! It sounds just like the movie!”

“…or this one?” I continued.

I then played the Pink Panther theme on my phone.

“O my god! That one! That one is way cool… cause it’s not scary!”

I introduced the two girls to the three hotties. But the one I really wanted was the chestnut-haired brunette with that delicious mocha-tan. After ignoring her a little while I turned to her and asked, “How about you, are you an adventurous person?”

She responded yes – she passed my test. I started teasing the entire group with my fetish bit. “You know, I should invite all of you guys to this kick-ass party tomorrow night… if you’re adventurous enough… yeah, it’s a fetish party… you have to show up in leather, PVC, or rubber.” I then started teasing them about what I expected them to wear. I pretend-dressed every one of the five girls with crazy fetish gear. I dressed the chestnut-haired girl in all white lingerie, 5-inch heels, and a bitch-whip.

We were now a group of six – myself the P.I.M.P. with FIVE girls who were all laughing their asses off, and I was social proofed to the max. My two buddies were still sitting at the table gawking (I get a lot of that).

There you have it. I got to three hotties by first approaching a set of two more approachable girls. I then combined the two sets into one five-set by introducing the girls to each other. This worked much more effectively than if I had tried to approach the three hotties directly without the other two girls on my arms. It takes some practice (you can practice also on adultfrienedfinder), but works quite effectively.