Let’s perfect your body language

Andy: Oh man. You don’t even have to tell us about that!

Lance: So, I mean, it’s great to practice in bars because you really know if you’re nailing it or not. Because here’s the thing, during the day women aren’t going to shoot you down just because you’re not radiating confidence right there. Usually women are just amazed to be approached during the day. You usually don’t get approached during the day.

So, I’m really just trying to say bars are great, you know, especially for guys who love going out to bars, a lot of guys like, I mean I liked going out to bars every night. I mean, I was going out five or six nights a week for years and yes I was doing it to meet women and in fact in the beginning I didn’t really like it. But, in fact, I learned to like it and really enjoy it.

So, if you really enjoy going out to bars don’t stop, but what I found was that for most guys, they’re just really, really busy and you know I’ve taken guys out to bars. Let’s perfect your body language. Let’s perfect your opening. And they’re just like “Lance, I just want to date some women. Can you just, you know, can you just give me some women to date? “

Andy: That’s totally it, because I know when I was first learning this stuff actually there was a point when I was going out five, six nights a week and that was all good and everything, but, you know I was really interested in dating a girl even on adultfrienedfinder app. I really didn’t need to just go out and do the whole club thing. It was fun, but…

Lance: You were really dedicated and I remember you being really dedicated. Most guys just don’t have the time. And they’re just like just give me the women. That’s where I think bars aren’t the ideal. You know I think the core skills that will get guys girls right away, the DayGame, the rapport. Getting that connection with women can be really difficult in bars too. And if you meet women in bars it can be really tough to get them to show up on a date as opposed to if you meet them during the day, so.

You just can’t hit that sweet spot of really the kind of things I’m teaching right now. Obviously we still take guys out to bars. It’s still the best place to work on your approach over and over again, your body language over and over again. Going to the bars is a great thing but I think these three tools alone will get most guys to a point where they’re dating multiple women, they really have a choice of women, and they can decide, you know, how far they want to take it from there.