Makeovers For Men?

Image is no longer solely a concern for women. Today’s man is taking it upon himself to make a concerted effort to look – and feel – his best! This has never been more apparent than in today’s singles scene – where competition for the ladies is at an all-time high, and women are demanding more from their suitors.

“Forget vanity – we’re looking for a man who just cares enough about his appearance to stimulate our sex drive,” says Tiffany Taylor, author of The Single Man’s Guide to Great Women.

Men can no longer wait to find a wife and expect her to choose his shirts and ties – or nag him to shave and shower on the weekend. These days, men have to go out on the town proving they can take care of themselves before a woman will even show the slightest bit of interest in him.

At, Taylor delivers a motivating eBook that dishes on what women on adultfriendrfinder are really looking for in a man – and she shows them exactly how to transform themselves into a superstud – no matter what kind of man they see themselves as now.

“It’s not about a big bank account or a full head of hair,” Taylor points out. “Women today want a man who oozes self-confidence, and sometimes that does mean you have to play games to get what you want.”

In The Single Man’s Guide to Great Women, Taylor walks men through the ABCs of what it takes to look and feel their best before they walk up to a woman. She betrays her gender and teaches men how to manipulate women to get them to fall for them – or engage in a one-night stand.

Not only are beauty salons now offering facials and massages for men – along with pedicures, manicures, and hair styling sessions – but Taylor believes men should take lessons in how to overcome self-doubt that often plagues even the best of mankind.

“You can become Mr. Right as soon as you learn how to make us happy,” Taylor quips. “We’re looking for a sharp appearance, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.” Taylor’s lessons fit all income levels, and focus on the simplest of ideas to transform men from hideous to handsome.

The Single Man’s Guide to Great Women also teaches men how to exude confidence, flirt with flair, and tame wild women into serene seductresses clamoring for your undivided attention. Taylor believes it’s time men had the upper hand at dating = and this time, we agree!