The biggest mistake guys make is simply not approaching a woman they meet during the day

If not I’m going to make sure I flirt with two women at the beginning of the class. And that’s, is that DayGame? I’m not spending two, I mean, it’s like an hour and a half of my time, but really what I’m doing is I’m getting a workout.

Andy: Yeah, yeah, you know that reminds me is when I first started doing this there were times when a bunch of us guys would get together and we would have these “Hundred Set Sundays” where we would go out for eight, ten, twelve hours and just do new approaches. And by the time you’re getting to the end of it, you’re crawling and it’s not fun.

Lance: Yeah.

Andy: And you’re just doing it for yourself. But, if you are on your lunch break or you’re just going to the grocery store and you’re just walking around and, oh hey, cute girl, I think I’ll talk to her. You’re not gaming her or anything, you just, it’s just, “cute girl, must go talk to her.”

Lance: Yeah, yeah, and I’m not saying it’s a mistake to block out time in your calendar, I mean, you absolutely should do that if you have the time and you want to do that, you can also use login. But I don’t know about that 100 set weekend, that’s a lot. That might be…

Andy: Oh, it was brutal, man.

Lance: But let’s go over the real mistakes. The biggest mistake guys make is simply not approaching a woman they meet during the day. And even guys who are really good at meeting women in bars or got really good at, quote DayGame, they will still fail when they’re distracted by their everyday life and they see an amazing woman. They’ll still…

And I know because I did this for a long time. I’d go out to a bar and I’d talk to any woman. I’d block off time in my calendar. I could just open, open, open, have great interactions, but then when I got distracted, when I was thinking about something else an amazing woman just walked by me on the sidewalk, I’d kick myself, because I missed the opportunity.

And so what you really want to do is you want to get to the point where you have this automatic reflex reaction. You see a woman and you just, boom, you pop right out.

Andy: Right. When you’re doing the NightGame thing you have this whole, your brain is in a certain position, but when you’re out there living your regular life it’s become so ingrained with you where you just turn it on, boom, instantly.

Lance: And, I think it’s like a physical programming. And we’ve got a lot of exercises in the program, because a lot of times guys use a lot of different techniques to start conversations and that kind of, it keeps things really complicated. What I like to do is teach something very, very simple that any guy can use to the point where it just comes out, I’m going to call it a Back Pocket Opener, but there’s all these constructs that the guide goes through. But the idea is you just automatically respond. You automatically get the result.

Another mistake that guys make during the day is they try to hard to be flashy or more commonly they try to be funny for way too long because we’re so… You were taught to entertain women, get them laughing, tell them stories, you know, be this kind of larger than life picture.

And I’ve got news for guys women don’t want larger than life kind of like rockstar guy. They want a guy that can really connect with them, that really sees them, that really feels them, that’s really present with them. And for me if I make a woman laugh and she laughs again and she laughs a third time it’s time to stop.

It’s time to stop and it’s time to build a connection and I see guys miss that. And you can just see the disappointment on the woman’s faces because they say, oh I get it, he’s just here to be funny. I thought he was here to hit on me and that’s not really what’s going on so.