The Dating Paradox

It is EASIER to have SEX with a girl than it is to get her as a GIRLFRIEND!

That’s right… you’ve probably NEVER heard this before, and you probably WON’T believe this… but it’s TRUE! Another way to think about it is that you should GET sex by going out and GETTING it… you shouldn’t look to GET sex by getting a GIRLFRIEND.

The reason WHY you should get a girlfriend is for the relationship… but that would only be IF the girl is of the personality & looks that you’ve been looking for.

How To Gain Casual Sex

So, to clarify once again, the way to get a girlfriend is to come from the mentality of SEXUAL ABUNDANCE. And in order to gain this sexual abundance, you need to gain casual sex on adultfrienedfinder. So the question is, HOW do you get casual sex?

Well in order to gain casual sex, you must first learn to provide women with sex, and NOT provide women with a relationship or “traditional courtship”.

The thing is, before I learned dating science and the art of  seduction, I used to think that the process of getting sex was as follows:

Meet girl -> Get phone number -> Call her several times -> Set up a date -> Go on a date -> Get to know her -> Go on a second date -> Get to know her even MORE ->  Go on a third date -> Get to know her even FURTHER -> Meet at her place or mine -> Have sex

The above is what you could call the “traditional courtship” model.

What I’ve learnt is that I can get sex through the following formula:

Meet girl ->  Show her I’m a sex worthy guy -> Get phone number -> Call her up and say “I’ll come over for coffee” -> Go to her place -> Let it lead to sex

Understand that if you PRESENT yourself to women as being able to “provide” her with SEX, she will be willing to meet up with you ONLY for sex.

In further articles to come, I will show you HOW to become a sex worthy guy and how to use thrust vibrator and make sex a “normal” part of life so that getting a girlfriend will NEVER be a problem.