The Dream Team

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve most likely heard a sports
announcer refer to some team as “THE DREAM TEAM”

Now I’m not sure when it was first used, but any team that
is TALENT heavy will get that label.

Often it’s an all star team going to an international
competition, like when the Olympics first changed the ruling
and professional players from the NBA were allowed to play.

The reason the word ‘DREAM’ is used, is because often fans
would dream about what it would be like to see the best
players together as a team.

It’s like a dream come true for a sports fan to see these
guys work together… the best of the best.

By now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with
meeting ladies, so here’s what’s up.

For a long time I’ve wondered what it would be like to teach
a workshop with a hand-picked team of my BEST instructors.

I’m talking the crème-de-la-crème, the men who not only have
the best skills with women, but also who are KICK-ASS

So I finally did it. I’ve hand picked two of my top guys,
and we are going to do a one-time SPECIAL WORKSHOP as a

Listen, there are a TON of men I’ve trained who are good
with women. Men who have made the transition from zero to
‘Natural Ladies Man’.

The kind of man you might see in a club and you’ll swear
he’s ALWAYS been good with women because he makes it look

But let’s face it, not all of these men are cut out to be MY

In fact, very few of them make it all the way through my
intense Instructor Training Program.

Make no mistake, I don’t give a damn how good you are with
women on adultfrienedfinder app, if you can’t teach other men, you’ll NEVER be one of my instructors.

Out of the thousands of men I’ve taught the secrets of
‘Natural Game’, only a handful have qualified to be my
senior instructors.

Out of that handful, I’ve picked two of the best. Two men
that have THOUSANDS of hours of real world experience both
in field and as an instructor.

Men that are equally awesome at meeting women in a night
club as in a bookstore (daygame).

Men that constantly get TOP RATINGS from PickUp 101 clients
after each workshop.

To sum it up… these guys ROCK!

Can you tell I’m excited about this?!? I feel like an
obsessed sports fan who is finally getting to see MY dream
team come together.

So who are they?

Well, if you’ve been paying attention recently, you’ve read
field reports from each of them.

Two week’s ago you read a report from Daniel’s called “The
Softest Lips”, and you may have also seen some lecture clips
(and student hidden camera fieldwork!) from a recent
workshop Eric Disco led.

So here’s the deal…

Eric, Daniel, and myself are getting together in May in New
York city as a part of our instructor training program.
There’s a lot of new instructors that have been training
hard and helping out, and we need to put them through the
ropes and see who’s ready for the big time.

And while we are all together I wanted to do something
special, so there will be a ONE TIME “Dream Team Workshop”
in New York City on May 23rd – 25th.

This will be the ONLY chance this year to learn from PickUp
101’s best instructors all at the same time.

In fact, it’s one of the LAST chance’s you’ll have to take
the Art of Attraction with me! (I’m almost exclusively
teaching only large seminar programs these days)

Like I said, I’m frickin’ EXCITED about this workshop, and
it would be great if you were one of the lucky men who will
be there!

This is going to be more than fun, this is going to be an
EPIC workshop, and if you are there your success with women

You can bet I’m going to get you to say a few words on how
amazing it was for you to train with the Dream Team.

Who knows… some day you might make it on to Dream Team II.