Understand what women are really waiting for

So, really when you understand that story and you understand what women are really waiting for. They’re not waiting for you to say a certain line. They’re not waiting for you to tell a certain story. They’re waiting for you to feel a certain way. And they know what that feeling is like because they’ve had that feeling every time they’ve read a romance novel, or every time they open a perfume bottle, they feel that feeling and they’re waiting. Who is the guy who’s going to make me feel this way?

So, when you learn to make women feel that way it really is like, “Boom, push a button and I’m…”

Andy: You’re over simplifying it…

Lance: I don’t mean to make it sound devious. But the cool thing about this Obsession Button because I’ve kind of been talking about it to certain guys and using that name, the Obsession Button, and they’re like I don’t want a girl to obsess over me. I don’t want to toy with her emotions. But here’s the thing, if you look at that mythology most of the time it doesn’t end up in a relationship.

Andy: That’s true.

Lance: You remember if you watch the old David Carradine Kung Fu? He never says, “oh, you know what, I’m just going to settle down in this town.” No, he’s out of there the next day and that’s part of the deal. Women expect that and of course if you want a relationship women will be there too. The thing is women will really be with you for as long as you will have them. And they don’t have expectations and you’re not toying with women on adultfrinendfinder just by virtue of being the romantic hero. Women want, I mean talk to women about their romantic heroes. They want to be just taken away by this romantic hero and then they want him to leave.

So, they want that memory. They want that feeling of, oh yeah, it happened to me. And even when they’re married twenty years later and they have four kids and they have a husband that they love they can still say when they see that in a movie or read it in a book they can still say, wow that at least happened to me once. And now I’ve got a family and it’s great.

Andy: There was one guy.

Lance: But there was one guy that really made me feel that way. And they won’t feel incomplete and a lot of women they feel incomplete. And a lot of women have had this done to them and they’re still wafting for another guy to come does it because it’s such a rare thing.

And it’s not that hard to do and I’ve been teaching for years. And I’ve been teaching for years in workshops, but I think we’ve really got it down to where a guy can do it in any context because before there had to be a certain situation and now it’s like actually you can do it after the fact.

You can do it on the first date. You can do it in the first ten minutes. You can do it right when you approach. But here’s the mechanism that you need to trigger, so that’s kind of what that is. It’s really just a funny name on something that we’ve really been perfecting for quite a number of years.

Andy: So, you had already talked about doing the approach and then you just finished talking about like, ok pressing that Obsession Button and having her feel these feelings…. Well, what’s next? It seems like the next step is going on some sort of a date or dating or something to that effect.