What is a Frame?

Frames are the underlying meanings of behaviors and actions. Meta-Frames are the overall underlying meanings of behaviors and actions, whenever people interact there is always a frame. They are simply the unspoken assumptions behind everything, until proven otherwise.

Example: “That book was great!”
The underlying frame here is that that you have read the book.

Example: “The rain clearing out there Bob?”
The frame here is that it was raining, and that Bob was outside.

Whenever you’re in an interaction with another person, the person with a stronger control over the frame will lead the interaction and control it. He who controls the frame controls communication itself. This is why people are always challenging other’s frames, especially women, when they give you shit tests it is to see how strong your frame is.

Hoops. What are they?

When women on adultfrinendfinder want to tool you, they use hoops (asking you to do something, giving you IODs to see if you chase, etc.). They might say something like “could you buy me a drink?” or “do that again”.

Now not all hoops are as big as “buy me a drink”, but when a woman gives you a hoop she is (sometimes subconsciously) trying to see if she can get you to jump through the hoop. In essence, trying to see how easy and submissive you are.

Now don’t get me wrong; if a woman gives you a small hoop like “hey could you pass me my drink” I don’t expect you to say “fuck you bitch get it yourself, I’m not playing your games!”

If it’s a small hoop then doing it wouldn’t hurt, but better than to do it is having her jump through one of your hoops first, so if she says “could you pass me my drink?”, you say “only if you (fill in something small)”

If it’s something small or the same size as her own then it’s no problem, she’ll probably do it.

How does this tie into Prizability?

You can use Frame control to set the frame that YOU are the prize of the interaction. In most social interactions today the Woman is the prize, why? Mainly because of social conditioning. Ever watch a chick flick?

Who is chasing who? It is almost always the man, and if it isnt they make it the man in the end. Woman have been taught since they were 8 years old that they are the prize.

Guess what? It’s all bull, because they arere only the prize if you make them the prize. Instead whenever you have an interaction with a woman, assume YOU are the prize, and that she’s the one attracted to you, that she’s lucky to even be able to talk to you. Entering your reality is the greatest thing to ever happen to her.

You want to let her know that you’re the one she’s chasing not the other way around. How do you do that?

To set the frame that you’re disinterested you neg, or use cocky/funny statements.

Both work to convey that you are the prize.

When you have a woman reacting to what you say and do, they you are controlling the frame and setting it that you are the prize,”the only way for a predator to chase the prey is for it to run away”.

You have to actively show that she should be working to be with you, setting the frame that she’s already interested in you is one of many and one of the most powerful.

There’s a lot of guys that just walk around with the firm belief that they are the prize, what’s that your not one of those guys?

Fake it till you make it.

Tell yourself you are the prize everyday and you’re going to believe it.

I truly believe this, work on it and you can do just about anything not only with women but with anybody in any interaction.