Why 5% of the Men get 95% of the Women

Although it may not seem obvious at first, there are many parallels between the worlds of business and dating. One of these commonalities is the unequal distribution of wealth. In the fight to succeed financially, it is a free-for-all, dog-eat-dog world where only the strong survive.

The ones who do not learn to take risks and bounce back from hardships are the ones who simply do not become successful. The real world isn’t Little League Softball, and not everyone gets a nice, shiny trophy for participating. The result of this is that everyone doesn’t become financially successful, only the ones who will take control and take themselves to the top get to enjoy these riches, which ends up creating a tremendous imbalance in the distribution of this money. 5% of people control 95% of the money in today’s society, and the exact same thing holds true with women and dating.

Hardly any guys, despite popular belief, are truly good with women. The dates that the overwhelming percentage of the male population gets are pure luck and they end up holding on to these girls (who are of a lower caliber than they should be getting) for dear life, because they know they can’t get anything else.

Fortunately for you, almost all men are like this! Guys simply do not know how to interact with women, and the few that do have a tremendous advantage, simply because no other guys can do it! Guys make such a simple and natural thing impossible.

Women will not get with a man who is pathetic and has no social skills, and believe me, women will get their dates and sex on adultfrienedfinder. This forces the women to compete for the 5% of competent men.

Hopefully by now the light is going off, this is the reason some guys just seem to have the “it” factor when it comes to attracting women. These guys weren’t born with anything super-humanely amazing or special; they simply stand out among the clueless masses. They worked to get where they are, and you can get there too! The only way to ever get good at anything is to practice, so put yourself out there and give it all you have. Over 90% of men will never cold approach, or go out of their comfort zone in any way to meet women.

Take advantage of this! You have a whole sea of women all to yourself basically, with no other fishermen on your lake! As soon as you take the first step to becoming good with women, and dedicate yourself to it, you enter that elite club. Once you finally gain experience and get very good at it, you join an even smaller group of guys.

Don’t settle for hoping you can get lucky and land a date with a woman that you really aren’t happy with. You can become the guy that all of the other pathetic dudes stand around and watch in amazement while you score women in loads. It isn’t difficult; all it takes is time and persistence. Don’t be like everyone else and hold yourself back from success. You are extremely lucky to have this knowledge, as most men don’t even know how helpless they are. Simply putting in effort will give you experience and confidence, the two things that women look for in a guy! It’s no surprise that 5% of men have 95% of the women. These guys are the ones who took the initiative to improve themselves.

Even if you fail miserably at first, you will still get many more women than the guys who stand around and wait for something to happen. Women are attracted to men of action.

The only thing that the guys with women do differently than everyone else is try, learn, and apply. If the “try” part is never taken, no one can ever become one of the 5% of men who actually gets women. It works in a snowball fashion, you start off not being good with women at all, but you put in the effort. You then begin to learn from your mistakes and stop making them, gaining invaluable confidence and experience. Once you have that, you’ve got all the pieces needed to attract women.